In the Arctic

I have been watching animal planet a lot recently.  Watching the simple life of animals is a refreshing break from action packed, super explosion movies drugged up on special affects.  On a few of the animal shows I found myself poking fun at the narration.  Some of the things the narrator said were melodramatic and/or cheesy.  It really took away from the sincerity of story being filmed.  I think there is a lesson in that.  When you have story, don't try to force more drama than there is.  Let it be, as the Beatles so nicely put it.  Tell the story the way it is and it will be more realistic than phony.

I hope you enjoyed my little comic and I would love for you to check out other comics, poems, and stories on this blog.  All comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

Yours Truly,
Mandy Calvin


Zac said...

Really good post, very topical and imaginative. Nice.

Mark said...

This post echoes Zen lessons I have had - just letting the situation unfold as it should. As writers we should all be aware of the power of the narrative coming before anything we want to say.