Something out of View

I thought I saw something
Glinting in the sunlight
Like an unearthed diamond
Laying there just for me

I thought I saw something
A shadowy figure
Its eyes seeing the fear
Simmering in my heart

I thought I saw someone
A familiar face
I longed to see again
Driving their car past me

But things I thought I saw
Out the edge of my sight
Were not there when I looked
But had they ever been there

Or only in my mind?

-1/21/12- Award from the Poetry Palace

Colorful feathers
If I look inside your soul
is there color too?

I nominate: iBeingMe


Ruchi Jain said...

very nice , it a reality or dream

Isabel said...

lovely write, great images

Laurapoet said...

This poem really captures the feeling of things just beyond our grasp. Good job!

Andy said...

I like the way you posed the question in the end...filled with doubt, how many times have we asked ourselves that question?
Very nicely penned.
Thanks for sharing.

Harp Of My Soul

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andy, How many times have we thought something has dance across our eyes. I love the direction of the poem.

Chèvrefeuille said...

Awesome poem. Is this reality? Or am I dreaming?
Loved reading this one.


Anonymous said...

Lovely written, nice image.
Wonderful Mandy.

madhumakhi said...

How often it happens that we see something in a flash and wonder whether we had seen it at all! You've explored a really good theme. Your poem is also simple and fluid, hence very readable. Well written.

Kellie Elmore said...

Let me start by saying that you will not be "aspiring" long, as you have such a gift and it will be recognized, I am certain! You are a talented poetess and I have much hope for the future of your writing. No worries!

Second, you mentioned on Twitter (I'm following now btw I am @BackyardPonders) that you are looking for writing prompts? I host a series titled Free Write Friday and all my prompts are available to write for at any time. I do not use a linky tool with deadlines, I allow entrants to simply comment each post with their link so they can submit whenever they want, to past or present prompts. I hope you will stop by my blog and take a peak at some and maybe consider writing for me :)

Happy Monday!
Kellie Elmore

The Golden Eagle said...

Sometimes I wonder that, too. Great poem!

kez said...

ohhh think we've all been there ! great write thank you x

Andrew said...

I really enjoyed it. Excellent word choice and good structure.

I linked to it as part of my post today. I'm trying to spread around as much link love as I can to fellow poets as part of National Poetry Month.

If anyone else here wants to share some poetry go leave a comment on my blog and I will gladly spread some more love around.