Throwing Away Heart

There is some trouble in the near distance
The assault can be seen coming your way
Eyes are searching for the guilty to blame
Feeling the shame, you deny it away
There have been many mistakes on your part
But the things done are not so worrisome
As admitting it to yourself or others
You rather degrade another to scum
When they aren’t enough you use you own self
The fire of self-deceit grows within
And starts feverishly consuming you
Using who you are to cover its skin
It takes your slightest flaws and grows them tall
And they become martyrs of your failure
You hold yourself liable for nothing
Because you can’t help your human nature
As you stoop lower for any excuse
You start to do what you aimed to avoid
The justifications start to become truths
And confidence crumbles and is destroyed

Troubles on my heart
Erodoing the place they sit
My chest tears apart

I nominate Ector Ward


Jo Bryant said...

This is beautiful.

Morning said...

lovely logic on how things fail and more.
well done poem.

Jessica Prescott said...

Very strong ending.
Well composed.

My Pantry Poem:

Nonnymonster said...

That picture is amazing. I'm without words.

Anonymous said...

honest and raw... great poem!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Your disgust and anger clearly come through. I hope it had a healing effect.

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Strong poem which is strongly written. I like the use of both internal and end rhyme in these lines:

'But the things done are not so worrisome
As admitting it to yourself or others
You rather degrade another to scum'

Miss Kitten said...

It's so true how often we have to deal with self loathing when we break the promises we made to ourselves that we swore we'd never break.

The image of the heart stuck with pins and nails is so very powerful, goes perfectly with your words.

Jesse.s.mitchell said...

very good. cool

Alcina said...

Nice work and a very dark truth.


Rashmi said...

honest feelings portrayed,..

The Cello Strings said...

awesome sentiments done.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture,and a well crafted poem!! keep up the good work

California Ink in Motion said...

Just wonderful on many levels.

Picture fits this poem perfectly.


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Anonymous said...

Fitting picture for the poem. Regret does grow into self-loathing and blame. Like mold on a shower, it easily appears and is more difficult to rid. Powerful emotions portrayed.

Kay said...

You've done an exceptional job at articulating your feelings in a way that others can completely relate to your logic.

Anonymous said...

with friends like this...who needs drama?

Anonymous said...

You make your point - Destroying others to support yourself always turns to self-destruction.
Thanks for the reminder.

Ann LeFlore said...

What a strong ending. I am so happy to read your poem. I am new to the rally and here is what I tried today