Ideas are a Renewable Resource

   You want to know what my greatest worry was when I started blogging? It wasn't that I wouldn't have any followers or that no one would like my writing.  My initial worry was that once I start blogging that I would run out of ideas and start repeating myself.  My first post on Mandy Calvin's Quill was in April of 2009.  I continued writing to an audience of zero until September when I stopped.  I dropped the blog like a wormy apple and left it on the ground to rot.  Then in March 2010 I came back with fresh ideas and a thin layer of determination, I had looked at the abandoned  blog remembering my vision of it and I was lured back.  I was still a little shaky, only posting once or twice a month.  Somewhere late 2010 I had finished writing a post and was about to click the publish button.  I lingered in thought as the problem began to crystallize in my mind.  When you send a post out to be publicly viewed by the world wide web, anyone could see it and steal your idea.  When that post is published, that's one idea used and ideas were sacred stones to me that were to be spent with excessive frugalness.  But I was over looking something, which I realized at that moment.
   Ideas are a renewable resource.  I pride myself to be creative yet I was frightened to set my thoughts free.  My lack of confidence only hindered all that I could be.  Because not only are ideas renewable, they keep getting better.  By letting an idea set sail, you challenge yourself to do better.  For some that's a daunting task because they believe they will never exceed their own standards if they try their best.  It's similar to what I suffered, not wanting to put my best effort of posting original content because I thought I couldn't keep it up.  Just because I can't think of a thousand brilliant ideas instantly doesn't mean I can't think of something later.  As long as I keep experiencing life, there will always be a flow of ideas.
   In case you were wondering I did finally click the publish button on that post after all that thinking.  Months later, on New Years of 2011, I made a resolution to write a minimum of three posts a month and to put my best effort into them.  We make it to present day and I've kept that resolution up to now and I intend to keep doing it.
   I hope you enjoyed reading this because there are a lot more ideas from where this came from. 


SprigBlossoms said...

Loved your post for its honesty and clearness of purpose :) Cheers!

Jo Bryant said...

I loved reading this and can't wait for more of the same. :)

Secrets of a Poet said...

That's a very motivating post Mandy. When I first started my blog in its second week now, my first concern was also people stealing my poetry, but you have hit the nail on the head, a certain article or poem can be stolen but not your creativity or your mind. We have to learn to let go in order to allow our creative talents to flourish and that's how we get better. So once I hit the publish button, I don't worry anymore I just move on to trying to beat my best. So what if someone takes one poem, they can never steal the essence which lead to its creation which is me :) you and all writers out there.

Great post thanks for boosting my motivation.

Monkey Suit said...

Although most of my posts are shallow dribble- I kind of know what you mean. Its one of the reasons i went shallow. But your site is great. Blogging is work and the only way to keep it alive is to work at it. keep Blogging!!!

M.C. said...

@SB Thank you, I've achieved what I wanted :)

@Jo I can't wait to write more of the same :)

@SoaP Yes, they can never steal that essence because that essence is you. Thank you for taking the time to comment in such detail.

@MS Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice article! I was actually concerned about the same thing when I started my blog! I'm a bit crazy, so my remedy to the situation was to start two more writing projects. Haha. It actually works though, I have my regular blog, which consists of random things, a comic strip, for short puns and humor that I can't work into a full post, and I write serious articles and fiction for Broowaha. When I'm not in the mood for one, I write for the others!

Kristen said...

This was great. I think you touched on feelings that many of us bloggers have (I'm a newbie myself, worried if I'll ever have much readership!).

Marissa said...

Very Nice. I enjoyed the post, and you're right: the ideas will continue and the more you write the more ideas will come to you. Nice blog:) Blessings, Marissa

Anonymous said...

Mandy, I write for the same reason you do. Also, because I feel that I must tell everyone I can about what Jesus Christ has done for me.
On the thought of protecting our ideas, I recently discovered this blog and button - you might want to add it to you site.

Anonymous said...

So true. I was so worried that I would run out of things to write when I first entered the world of blogging. But somehow I always have something to write about, whether it's expanding on a topic I've already covered or introducing something new. I especially enjoyed your honesty in this post(:

I'm trying to decide if I should be nice and not point out any typos or if pointing out a typo would be the nice thing to do... so umm... saying it as sweetly as possible: I think you have one little typo(:
"there will always be a flow ideas."
There will always be a flow OF ideas? ;)

M.C. said...

@ xanthuskidd
it's been said that a writer has to always write, write, and write! I commend your work ethic.

@ Kristen
I'm glad I was able to touch on a subject that bloggers can relate to. Thank you for commenting.

@ Marissa
Thank you for your kind comment.

@ benjity
You must write with whatever passion moves you, thank you for sharing.

@ aheartformyshepherd
Thank you for commenting and pointing out my typo. My editing skills aren't that great so thank you for being so helpful :)

Jaime Eagles said...

Love your blog - clear, light, colorful.
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Adina West said...

You know, I think you've hit on a feeling that I've had to fight off too. But I have to say that more and more now, I'm coming around to the point of view that the more you create, the more you can create, and the more you WILL create. The ideas actually flow faster the more we use them...

M.C. said...

@James Thank you

@Adina Exactly. It's such a relief that you can be completely free in you imagining and believe that you'll never reach an end no matter how skilled in your craft you become. Thank you for taking the time for commenting.