17 Tips for Traveling by Plane

General Flying Tips to Enjoy Your Flight:
+Make sure you are not congested before you board a plane.  Planes rapidly ascend and descend resulting in a large amount pressure change.  Slightly uncomfortable nasal pressure problems can happen.  Chewing gum also helps alleviate any pressure problems in the ears.  Moving your jaw around to "pop" your ears works too.
+Be aware of TSA regulations, for those traveling to and from American airports.  When you are packing know that there is limit on how much liquid you can carry and of all the prohibited items
+It's best to arrive an hour before your flight departs to allow time for security and to let you locate your gate.
+Dress in comfortable, stretchy clothing.
+If you can, just pack carry-ons, don't check in a bag.  Checked in bags are lost often, even more so on connecting flights.  Some airlines charge money for checked bags, so sometimes it's cheaper to carry just carry-ons.
+Wear easy to take off shoes, because you have to take them off during the security check.
+Have something to do at the gate as you wait to board, but don't listening to your MP3 player.  You need to be able to listen to any announcements like gate changes or delays. 
+When you board the plane, know where the lavatory is and where the occupied light is.  The stewardess should go over that in his or her safety speech.
+ When traveling alone there is a science to getting good seating with space between you and other people.  Isle seats are overall the best.  You can get out easily and you got space next to you.  Sit your carry on in the seat beside you and leave it there until they close the door for the airplane, this deters people from sitting in that seat.  This only works if it's not a full flight.

8 Things to Do on the Plane
+Read (if it's a good book, time passes the quickest doing this)
+Take notes of the experience, especially if it's your first time flying, to use in something you're writing or going to write
+People watch, a plane is like any other public place: filled with strangers who can make good character fodder.  Just don't stare too much. 
+Sleep, maybe you might have an interesting dream.
+Get to know your characters better.  A simple exercise you can do in your head: Come up with some questions and then interview your characters and see how they answer.  By spending flying time on digging into your character's personalities, you're both entertained and developing your story.
+Work on your work in progress on a laptop or paper
+Take a print out of your story, if it's finished, and edit it on the plane.
+Listen to music and meditate on your writing super powers ;)


Laurapoet said...

This is great advice! I especially like the part about writerly superpowers ;)

Carla said...

I enjoyed reading this! I have to say, flying with kids totally changes things...My "Things to do on the Plane" list would be something like, "Spend every second keeping kids happy, entertained, and quiet...do your best to make sure they do not annoy the six people within arms reach of you or the children!" ;)