Life is a Beach

   Hello from the beach. I've recently taken a trip to the west coast as a start for my summer. It's cloudy and the breeze from the Pacific is chilly, but it's been a great trip. Today's picture is of a little art project I created in the sand. I prowled the surf for little stones and broken shells to form a picture of a sun umbrella by the ocean.
    I think travel is a great opportunity for writers and people in general. Going out and seeing the world adds to your treasure trove of memories and experience to use in your writing or life. Of course you don't need to hop on a plane and travel into the jungles of Africa. Taking a closer look at the environment around you, obverse the people in the local deli, sit in your back yard and watch the squirrels, or just pondering on the mysteries of life can broaden your view. Life is the greatest inspiration and it can give you the greatest tools for any creative person. Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird based off of her home town, friends, family, and seemingly the Scottsboro trials. Another example: my little arrangement in the sand. I used what the beach had to offer to create a lovely design. Savour everything life has to offer, because the world is constantly changing and is never precisely the same.


SprigBlossoms said...

Very creative, MC! love it :)

Laurapoet said...

So true! Writing is all about observing the world around you and taking everything in so that you can use it later. Great blog, by the way! I myself am an aspiring writer, so this stuff really hits home :)

Jo Bryant said...

Very well put. I enjoyed this a lot, :)

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Nicely written. I am a poet and not into to much in the short story work I have written a few here and there.
Like your work.