Demons and Dandelions

Superstition says that a shooting star
Grants those who see it blaze across the sky
Any kind of wish their heart requests
Without a question as to how or why
By putting a penny in a fountain
You can be destined to find your true love
Blowing the fuzz off a dandelion
Your wish of wealth can fit like a glove
We know that tossing a coin or wanting
Won’t magically bring us what we wish
However we crave or how loud we shout
We must move to arrive at the finish
And the finish is whatever we aim for
Rely not on dandelions and stars
As they’re nothing more than symbols of hope
But let's start with ourselves to gain what's ours

What is perfection?
Is it other's opinion
or your own judgment?

I nominate ... PhotoDiction


Gemma Wiseman said...

Dandelions and stars are magical icons of inspiration, but ultimately we are the activators of events in our lives! And I still love to live with a touch of magic!

Mike Patrick said...

Tis as easy to control our dreams as make a wish come true.

Jingle said...

sharp, apt write,

love the way you deliver your sentiments.

M.C. said...

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments.

Jingle said...

elegant imagery, thanks for joining.

Happy Rally.

PhotoDiction said...

"we must move to arrive at the finish
And the finish is whatever we aim for"

I like this. It is up to us, not the magic or the wish or the luck we might be hoping for.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Well said and well written. Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Strong message and I must admit to doing these superstitious things, certainly action is called for if you really want something to happen

Anonymous said...

So true--it's up to ourselves. Some people do love to dream though...

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Such a vivid poem. Great use of the rhyme scheme.

Anonymous said...

cool message; i like the dandelion imagery.

Adam said...

wishing for things tends to make us think only of the future and that things will only get better with the passage of time. There's a lot to be said for living for now and enjoying each moment.
Lovely poem with great imagery. Thanks for sharing :)

Poetry & Icecream said...

Wonderful message here Mandy, words of wisdom delivered succinctly
"We must move to arrive at the finish
And the finish is whatever we aim for". Well written :)