Remember Why

  Sometime there are just those days were you don't feel like getting out of bed. You can't think of why you should. Why go and face the cruel world when you have the comfort of your bed right there. No action is needed. You snuggle up to your pillow about to go right back to sleep, but you're stopped. Something in the back of your mind is nagging at you to get up. Why? Your eyes open and stare aimlessly with frustration. Soft steps could be heard padding across the carpeted floor. Suddenly a little black nose appears at the edge of the bed followed by a pair of round eyes and then a whole furry head is starring at you. With Rover breathing in your face you remember you got to feed and take care of him. You reach out from under the bed sheets and pet the top of his head. He then affectionately licks you hand, smothering it with love slobber. Now you have to wash your hands, but you remember that this slobbery mess of a dog puts a smile on you face everyday. So you get up, wash you hands, and go on with your day.
  When you're a writer, sometimes you get a little discouraged. You might have writer's blocks or other tough life life situations staring you in the face and you start asking yourself why bother? In these tough times you have to remember the dream you have. The reason you have behind wanting to be a writer or whatever it is you want to be. So I have a suggestion. Sit down and remember the moment you realized what you wanted to do. Remember the feelings that fuel your passion. Remember your goal. Take all of this and write it down. Make it how ever long it needs to be to fully express yourself. After you got it all written down and spell checked, give it a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes the whole thing. The point of it is so you have simple sentence you can recite to yourself in times of doubt. In a sense it will be your rally call or writing motto. Lastly, take the sheet with the motto on top in bold and the rest underneath and place it were you can see it everyday. So everyday you know what needs to be done.
  You can do this with other things like weight loss, breaking bad habits, or starting good one. Anything you want to do you need to persist after it with the passion you begin with all the way to the end.

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