An Education

You can't learn to be an artist, that's true. That's because your artistic vision comes from the depths of your innermost self, and it's been there since you were born. So why bother getting an education in something you're born with? What an education does is help you utilize your inner artist. Education is like keys that unlock little pieces of yourself as you learn. Now, the word education, it makes you think of desks aligned in neat little rows in a boring square room. Those desks are then facing some boring teacher with a monotoned voice who is trying to cram the meaning of an onomatopoeia down your throat. That's school. School gives an education, sometimes, but an education doesn't necessarily come from a school.  I'd like to relate education with experience as opposed to schooling.  Experiencing life is the greatest education.  Ever heard the saying "art imitates life"?  So, as a writer, you got to go an experience all you can out of life.  With every experience you have, it will help give your writing an edge that only you can give. 

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