Fight and Write!

Raquel is a person who has so much to share with the world.  She has talents, dreams, and ideas that could form something beautiful.   Yet she lacks the selfconfidence to form it.  Somehow she lost her faith in herself, or maby never had it to begin with.  Friends all around  her tell her how great her work is and that she should try this and that to get it out into the world.  Raquel just smiles and shakes her head no, she's  not good enough she says.   She just contnues to scribble on her paper not wanting to risk failure. In the end her art will be nothing more than scribbles. 

People like Raquel are not only afraid of failure, but the mere idea or anticipation of it.  So they don't even try.  Life slaps them once and they flee to the shadows from whence they came.   They got it in their minds that every time you get slapped you've lost.  That's simply not the case, when you run you lost by forfeit.  The only way you lose is by forfeit.  Life will keep slapping you until you learn to duck and fight.

In a story, I would write it so Raquel would over come her fears.  She would take life by the throat and achieve her dreams.  May be to have more of a climax she would muster up the courage to try and get knocked down.  Then she would get back up.  It would be a happy ending.  In the real world, though,  Raquel  would have to make that decision on their own, Raquel is the author of her own story.

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