Juggling for Writers

At the beginning of the summer I read an interview of a writer, and he was asked how he could write so many plots at the same time without getting confused. Apparently he wrote a lot of books. Anyways, he answered that he hardly ever got confused and that by working on so many stories he had little trouble with writer's block. This is because if he was having trouble with one story he could just work on a different one for a while and come back to the other one later. I took this to heart and changed my writing strategy, as an experiment for the summer. I am happy with the results.

I had three writing projects I chose to work on, four if you count this  blog. The three were all at different stages. One was just an idea that needed a solid plot, another had a plot and need the first draft finished, and another was in the edit/rewrite stage. I thought diversity would be best. So I juggled these three stories.

Summer isn't even over and I've gotten more writing done ever in a span of three months. Writing consistently makes writing easier in general, words and ideas just come more smoothly. It's like exercise, if you exercise regularly you don't get so sore, but you get stronger. So far juggling projects has a thumbs up from me.

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