My Piece of the World

I am one single person
Who lives in a city
One of billions on Earth
Making me itty bitty
I don't even make a percent
In the population
I won't be a spot on a map
At any location
What is it to be somebody?
or a celebrity
People love then hate me until
I'm an old memory
The prize of public opinion
Is just unfulfilling
I'd rather be happy of things
Like a person smiling
I would like to change the world
So it's a kinder place
I'm too small, but I'll hold my piece
with a loving embrace
In my little piece of the world
I help my family
And support those I care about
In any catastrophe.

By Mandy Calvin


Anonymous said...

For sure, people are no more than bugs on the giant windshield of life. So, it is a moral certainty that we must either be exhilarated by the mundane things in life or become slaves to our delusions .

Jingle said...

we love you.

enjoyed your poetry, keep it up.

Jo Bryant said...

This was lovely - but you do change the world - by by being you. :)