Sleepwalking Haunting My Dreams, Buwahahah

Lately I've been working on a story, and it's going by very roughly. I seem to only be able to cough up only a few sentences every time I try to write. It's not typical writer's block either, because I know what I want to happen but I can't see the end of the story. I have issues writing if I don't know the end, because I write the story in my head first then put it on paper (or word doc, take your pick). I have a feeling that I'll get past that soon, but during these trying times I get the notion that the story isn't good. Then I'm tempted to ditch it and go for another, more appealing, one. I've done this enough times to figure out that it's like a frog jumping from one frying pan to another. Once I changes stories the same problem happens. So I need to stick to one story and finish it.

Well today I had a brilliant idea for a story. It popped in my head as I was having a conversation with someone about sleep medication and sleep walking. They told me that they'd heard on the news about a man who had broke into a bank at the dead of night, dressed in only his underpants, with a hand gun. The bank was closed so no one is there and all the money is locked up. The cops arrived and arrested him. During his trial he defended that befor he went to sleep he had taken Lunesta (medication to help him sleep) and he'd been asleep the whole time of the crime. Well he got convicted anyways. Still I found the idea intreguing: sleepwalking. It could make for a great story. I thought it was such an original idea.

Before I began to surf the internet,to learn more about sleep walking, I go to the Apple home page to check something else. Low and behold, there in the iTunes movie trailer section is a picture for a peculiar new movie. You would never guess what it's about. Let me give you a hint: its title is In My Sleep. It's a thriller about some man who has a sleep walking issue and apparently is doing things he never imagined while he's asleep. Well, that thoroughly shut down my desire to try that new story, at least until I'm done with the current one.

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