Is it it bird or a plane? No! it's Super Orange!

Super orange

For the past few days I've been under attack by a nasty cold virus of some sort. My nose can't decide to be stuffy or runny, so it decided to do both. Also I had a sore throat, but due to the miracles of salt water gargle it's gone. To top it all off I'm insanely tired, and I have no time to be sick between work and more work! The week end will give me a little more time to sleep and rest, thank God. Another miracle remedy for colds, that is a lot more pleasant than salt gargle, is orange juice. Chalked full of vitamin C, it seems to bring the intensity level of the sickness to a more mellow state. I learned of the golden juice's properties when one winter's day I was sick with a cold. I had a dire thirst and got out a tall glass from the cabinet. Filling it to the brim, I chugged it down within one breath (I was really thirsty), and not satisfied I did that a second time. With my thirst quenched I mosied about with my business and in minutes I felt fully revived. This enlightened state lasted for a whole hour before I felt sick again. Now days I stay within the one cup range but It still relieves me.

As I was drinking my orange juice this morning I was thinking, and I thought of the orange. Nothing rhymes with orange, or so I heard. I began to really think about it, and could not believe out of the whole English language there are no words that could rhyme with with orange. So I googled it, who best than to ask the entity of information? I found a few sites and it appeared that there are words that rhyme if you say it right: door-hinge,syringe, porridge. This could make a very wierd poem.

I once had an orange
It was bright, fat, and round
I tried to give it some porridge
But it wailed like a hound
It had got stuck in a door-hing
And there it was bound
I inserted a syringe
Numb,it slumped to the ground.

Weird. . . .

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