By Hand vs. by Key Board

Every writer has a unique system in which they create and write. Many factors contribute to it such as your personality, what your writing for, and what you're writing about. Now there are two main categories, that I've figured, that divide up how people rough draft their work. By hand or by keyboard. Personally, I was keyboarder to begin with, but recently I've taken up doing it by hand (this is mainly because I got some cool journals for Christmas). Now I can see the values of each.

By Hand:
+You can choose a nifty and expressive journal to do it on
+You can work on it anywhere, not needing a computer
+It offers a lot of freedom (you can doodle on the page)
+When forming a final draft, corrections are more thorough since you have to transfer all the words into the computer

-If you have bad handwriting, it could be difficult to re-read.
-You can't make multiple copies, except with a copy machine which is inconvenient
-If you loose that journal you lost all of your work.

By Computer:
+It's very neat and presentable
+Mistakes are fixed easily, and you got spell check.
+You can e-mail it to test readers
+It can be saved in multiple places, preventing loss of work
+While you're working you got instant access to the Internet so you can research on the spot

-You need a computer to work on it
-If you aren't a talented typist, slow typing could mess up your train of thought.
-May be you can't afford a computer or printer, and have to got to a public library.

Of course if you're a little smarter than me you might consider doing a little of both. This way you can get the best of both methods.

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