Only One

There are thousands of aspiring writers, just like me, waiting to make it big.  Even to the talented, it's intimidating. This is because there are many other talented writers out there too.  While working on my story, my dreams are soaring.  I'm completely oblivious to what's going on around me.  Someday, somehow, I can share my writing with everyone.  Then I lift my head from my work and look around.  I see many others working just as hard.  Enter Doubt, a dreamer's greatest foe.  His dark powers cause me to ask myself, " What have I got to offer? What makes my stories unique? How can I possibly succeed?" 

The answer:  me.

There is only one Mandy Calvin on the face of this Earth.  There is only one of you on this earth.  We all have experienced and seen things in ways that no one else has.  The memories that we draw inspiration from are unique to each and every one of us.  Then there is our style and our way of thought.  No one is the same.  Writing is the manifestation of ideas from its author.  So we all have something to share in our writing.  Good conquers evil yet again. 


Adina West said...

Well said Mandy.

And if you approach your subject matter from your own unique perspective and write a good book, then the rest will fall into place.

Having said that, the querying process is a huge amount of work and fairly soul destroying, but there's lots to be learnt from it as well.

Good luck!

Smilin' Pat said...

yes, and the first rule of writing?--keep the hand (hands) moving...