Isn't Paper Awesome?

Once upon a day, not so long ago, I had in front of me a fresh piece paper. Next to the paper was a stapled five-page packet of origami instructions. After twenty minutes of following the instructions and folding the paper I had myself a piece of origami resembling a bird. I sat it on my desk and admired it.

I really like paper, which sounds odd. But the reason why is because paper embodies potential. A blank sheet of paper has so much potential. You can write on, draw on, fold, paint on, and technically eat (not something I'm suggesting) paper. It's the ultimate toy for creative people. The coolest place in a bookstore is the blank journal section. I often scan over the shelves and touch the journal covers. Sometimes I pick up a particularly eye catching one and flip through the empty pages, imagining what I'd write on them.

I also really like life. And paper and life have a lot in common. Life starts like a blank white sheet of paper. You're an innocent baby with no tarnished past and whole life ahead of you. As you grow older you begin to dream of what you want to do with your life. Your paper is being marked on with pen as you begin making memories. Life is fragile and so is paper. Paper is easily damaged and if it is caught on fire, it's gone in a flash. In old age, the paper is a little wrinkled, full of knowledge, and full of messed up scribbles.

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