Four good writer movies

How we all love the lazy days of summer. After a the many festivities outside, firing fireworks and eating bar-B-Q, in the recent days it feels like a good idea to curl up on the couch and relax before a good movie. Or read a good book. Or just relax on the couch. I don't have a list recommending any good books or good couches at the moment, but I did gather a list of entertaining writer movies. When I say "writer movies", I mean a movie that has a character that is a writer or is about writing or both. So here is my line up, in order of greatest to least greatest:

Romancing the Stone
-Action/Adventure/Romance 1984
Joan Wilder(Kathleen Turner) is a romance/adventure novelist, who has hardly herself strayed passed her imagination when it comes to adventure or romance. When her sister phones her, telling her she needs Joan's help or else her captors will kill her, Joan flees the big city to rescue her sister in Colombia. In Colombia, with criminals on her heels, she meets that ambitious Jack Colton (Michael Douglas)and together they embark on a romantic adventure.

Throw Mama from the Train
-Comedy 1987
This comical spin off of Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train begins with Larry(Billy Crystal). Larry is a writer who's ex-wife stole his novel and took all the credit and profit of it. Suffering from mass hatred and writer's block, he wishes she was dead. Larry teaches a writing class and one of his not talented pupils is Owen (Danny DeVito). Owen has an decrepit and overbearing mother, who he wishes was dead. When Larry tries to give Owen some assistance on his murder mystery writing, Owen misinterprets what he says and thinks he is suggesting they themselves swap murders. So Owen flies to Hawaii to murder Larry's ex-wife. When he returns, he expects Larry to keep his end of the bargain.

Julie and Julia
-Comedy/Biography 2009
This story follows cooking and writing hardships of two women of two different times, Julie(Amy Adams) and Julia(Meryl Streep). Most people know Julia Child for her cooking shows and her distinct voice,but the movie begins at the very start of her cooking profession in 1949. In 2002 Julie Powell is a struggling writer and is unemployed. To get through her crisis she decides to start a blog following her way through the numerous recipes of Julia child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. We watch the the rise and falls of the two stories, parallel to on another.

-Adventure/Fantasy 2009
This mystical family film is about Mo Folchart (Brendan Fraser) who has the ability to bring characters in books to real life, just by reading them. He and his daughter are busy searching for a specific book,Ink heart, so they can send back the villains that he brought out from it. Also, in attempt to rescue his wife who had gone missing the night the character were brought out from their book. Adventure and friend are strewed across the way as they search, which also affects the destiny of humanity.

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