Wordy Magnets

Word magnets

A friend of mine recently gave me a very cute gift. It was a small glass jar, small enough to sit comfortably in my palm. A label reading "Cure for Writer's Block" was plastered on the front. I thought the jar was so cute, yet my attention was misdirected. The magnets inside were suppose to be the interesting part and the "cure". I thanked my friend for their very nice gift and took these little magnets home. I sat the jar on my desk, treating it like an ornamental good luck charm. It wasn't until days later I opened the jar to stick the magnets on my fridge and put them to their intended use.
I really surprised at how many little magnets could fit in such a small jar. Half of my refrigerator door was covered. As I was placing the words on my fridge, I got a cute idea to try to organize the words in groups that rhyme. Estimating, I was consumed with this for twenty minutes. Then I got tired of scanning over fifty itty bitty words cluttered on the metallic door. I settled for just making silly sentences. "Angels drink holy soup" and "chickens have fear" are some examples. Imagine, a person crouched on the floor of their kitchen in an ape like manner. Their eyes are transfixed on the little magnetic words they are arranging into pointless sentences. Their jaw is slack, leaving a small aperture in their mouth where a little drool escapes. Can you think of a bigger wast of time?
Unless angels drinking holy soup turns out to be a huge plot piece in your story, I would not recommend this for a cure.

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