Writing Helpers

Every one has different ways or methods they use to help them write. Mine are to help me get inspiration and to help me finish stories.

Everywhere I go I take a small notebook to write down my ideas so I don't forget them. I have multiple notebooks but I'm eccentric, one will do. Every idea that pops into my head I copy down: ideas for whole stories, part of a story, a poem, and good names for characters. I keep them and save them for when I want to start a new story.

To help me finish a story in a reasonably amount of time, I keep a calendar, just a small *monthly calendar with boxes. You can buy a cheap one or print some out, which is what I did. What I do is each day I write something in my story I write down how long I wrote and how many words I wrote. On a day I do write anything I just put a big "X" on it. I make it my goal to never get "X"'s and it not only reminds me to write, it motivates me.

* link to an example

A good friend of mine showed me the Pudewa Stylistic Techniques. I already did most of them, but looking at the list it brought the tiny things that spruce up writing to the front of my mind. It's a nifty list to assist in your writing.

Dress-ups (middle of sentence; follow with the number)
1. who/which clause
2. "ly" word
3. because clause
4. colorful verb
5. quality adjective
6. when, while, where, as , since if, although clause

Openers(first word of sentence; follow with the number in parentheses)
1. subject
2. preposition
3. "ly"
4. when, while, where, as , since if, although clause
5. very short sentence (2-5 words)

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