Out in the Rain

Some days it rains
In a unpredictable way
During those days
I watched the downpour from inside
But I was soaked
With all of my limitations
But not today,
I will not remain indifferent
Into the storm
I go, my eyes looking forward
I am still soaked
But by rain water, not by tears

All comments, question, and constructive criticism are welcome. Thank you for reading and watching.


Laura Maria said...

Absolutely love this! Such bravery and I love that stepping out didn't bring you tears, instead it replaced them. It is true that often the only thing that holds us back is ourselves. Really great piece :)

Mary Mansfield said...

"But I was soaked
With all of my limitations"

Those are some very powerful words! Love the glimmer of hope at the end. Very nice!

booguloo said...

Rain from the outside can be better than the rain from inside.

Aashi said...

very vivid...well written....
rain feels blissful...especially when there is soo much that needs to let go....i had a moment in the rain too...hope you like it http://insatiablemelody.blogspot.in/2007/10/like-girl-again.html

JoeBob said...

Very powerful mix of imagary and pros .. evokes a strong emotional response. here here!

timethief said...

I adore your thoughts expressed as words and communicated through this video. Thank you.