If we were to never give thanks
In our hearts or out loud
We would consume to fill a void
That’s never satisfied

There would be no capacity
Inside our hearts to give
As we only care to receive
But not appreciate

In this state of ungratefulness
There would be little joy
In being, in doing, and life
As it losses value

With thanks, existence blooms open
To be all that it can
With a thankful heart what you have
Isn’t such a burden.

Of course, Thanksgiving inspired this poem as I was reflecting on the holiday and what it means.  I want to wish all of those celebrating the holiday a Happy Thanksgiving.  Also I appreciate your comments and constructive criticism.


Heaven said...

This is a lovely poem...I do agree that with thanks, existence blooms open ~

Happy thanksgiving to you ~

The Golden Eagle said...

Beautiful poem. :)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully expressed and so true - to be grateful for even the smallest things adds immeasurably to the quality of our lives. Love this especially:

With thanks, existence blooms open

Laura Maria said...

Truth in every line. Great writing on a wonderful reflection.

Morning said...

gratitude is important in life.
awesome piece.

Happy Sunday.

rch said...

A wonderful tribute to this holiday, maybe it will help people remember what it's for, giving thanks.

eflores said...

This really spoke to me. It reminds of the times that many people do not appreciate the things they receive in life, and how we need to begin thanking for every small things in life. Great poem!
-Erick Flores

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

amazing expressions.

How is your day?

Glad to land here,
Amazing poetic muses shared,

Welcome joining us for poets rally week 57,
A random poem or a free verse is okay.
Hope to see you in.

Happy Thursday.