Shoes with Toes and Writing Prose

   So the other day I was at a friend's house and we were eating lunch.  I happen to glance under the kitchen table to see her wearing the oddest pair of tennis shoes I ever saw.  The shoes looked like a pair of water shoes but molded to the shape of her foot, toes and all.  I immediately questioned her about them.  She smiled and casually explained they were the latest in running shoe apparel.  My friend is a dedicated morning jogger and fitness fanatic, so she's into that type of stuff.  Yet, I still don't know why she was wearing them in the kitchen.  She continued to give me a sales pitch about her foot's fashion statement.  The regular tennis shoe, though is soft on the feet, isn't very soft on joints in your hips and knees.  See, the human foot in biologically designed to run and support our body and absorb shock instead of our hips and joints.  The regular tennis shoe inhibits the foot from doing what it does naturally and it causes unnecessary wear and tear on joints and hips.  With this new design it's like running bare foot, but better.  That's what she said anyways.
   So how did I apply the mechanics of the shoe to writing?  Ever writer has a voice in which they share their ideas, whether that be through poetry or prose.  Some would call it a person's writing style but I prefer to call it a writing voice.  No one can tell you what you voice is like and it doesn't appear on demand once you begin the road to being a writer.  You alone must spend the large amount of time strengthening your voice.  It's frustrating.
   The worst mistake a new writer can make is copy another writer's unique style.  It doesn't work because that's not their voice.  In the end they just mix up their writing into gibberish and their writing was worse than it was before.  Studying another author's voice and mimicking it are two separate things.  So like the way the shoe conforms to the natural shape of the foot so must a person's writing conform to their natural style and not someone else's.

   Have you ever mimicked another author's voice? How did that go? Have you ever worn these strange shoes with toes? My next post is going to be my 50th post. Are there any ideas of something special I can do?


timethief said...

I've never attempted to mimic another writer. I suppose that may be because though I've been writing since I was 4 years old I don't consider myself to be a writer. I do know what you mean though because I have spotted plagiarists. Her's a suggestion for your next post: How does one find and develop their writer's voice?

Carol Riggs said...

Okay, those shoes are WEIRD. I mean...what if someone's toes didn't fit into the toe places correctly? ;o)

I've never consciously tried to mimic another writer, but I have to be careful not to read other novels with strong voices while I'm writing a novel (or at least beginning it, finding the rhythm of it) or else I'll unconsciously borrow the cadence of the other writer's style. Cuz I get the voice in my head. My daughter does this intentionally, or used to, when she wrote Harry Potter fanfic. :)

M.C. said...

@Timethief When I was young, I read a bunch of YA novels. In one of the novels the writer used heavy sarcasm and witty hyphenated adjectives (like this: he gave me a not-so-sure look). I though it was cool at the time so I tried to use that humorous style in one of my own short stories. It has been the only story I ever written that had gotten a 100% negative response from the people who read it. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

@Carol Those shoes are pretty weird. You have to wiggle your toes into the right places. The two outside toes, the pinkie toe and the toe next to it, aren't divided so technically the shoe only has four places for toes. Thank you for commenting :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Nope, never wore those kinds of shoes before . . . it's an interesting idea, though.

I don't mimic other authors on purpose, but I'll sometimes find myself trying to write using a similar device in a book I'm currently reading or just finished; I usually go back and read some material I know has MY voice to make sure I don't mimic someone else's.

Congrats on 50 posts! :)

Thank you for following my blog.

Rayan said...

Am not sure if anyone can truly mimic another's voice, but I think what you read really influences the way you write. :)

And will I wear those shoes? I'll put that in my Maybe list that is leaning more towards the No part. For me, it's just a matter of taste, I like the way shoes are now... I guess I'm not ready for the Fifth Element fashion scene :)

For your 50th blog... Share with us whatever makes you smile the most? Any simple joys so that maybe the next time we see/do what you mentioned, we couldn't help but smile too. But anything will do, the sky is the limit. :)

sweet pea. said...

never worn shoes like that. i think id be scared to look at my own feet :o

thank you for stopping by, and reading my writing. im glad you liked it.

Secrets of a Poet said...

Thanks for this article, the name really caught my attention. FIrst of all I've been having problems with my right knee when running recently so I'm going to look in to this new toes training shoe.

Secondly, it provides reassurance for writing in your own voice, as a baby writer I often wonderful whether my writing voice is captivating and sometimes tweak my style a little but I never try to copy another persons voice, that to me feels as uncomfortable as wearing someone else's shoes, it never seems to fit quite right.

As a final note, your not alone in your writing, we are watching and reading :)

patcegan said...

One of the advantages of age is that we know who we are and have developed our style whether it be writing, dress, art, music, or just our view of life. Sometimes when we are younger, we try on "other people's styles" as a way of learning who we are. There is a validity to this if one does it with awareness. Nice write and congratulations on your 50th post! Hugs, pat

Daydreamertoo said...

You know I wrote a comment to someone yesterday and said, my writing has never had any 'rules' I don't know what a sestena is, and stanzas are and all these things that you have to begin with this word and then begin the next line with it in second place etc etc etc. I don't like anything I write to have such contstrictions or, it wouldn't have a natural flow and, (I think) writing ought to flow, like music, like water, and not be stuck behind all types of rules. I like Haiku and am just starting to look at Tanka, but, somehow I find these acceptable but, anything else (I feel) inhibits my own thinking and therefore would not be my 'voice' or, as I call it, my soul speak.
So, I agree with you on all of this, I don't ever try to copy anyone else if I did, then, it wouldn't be my own thoughts. As for the shoes, I've seen them and they look pretty weird. :)