Genres Galore

   So the other day I was listening in on a conversation between a group of writers.  The part I overheard was how they described what genre they wrote.  They used fancy titles such as post apocalyptic action adventure and detective mystery thriller.  One mentioned they wrote realistic fiction, a term I never heard before but it makes sense.  Myself, I'm undeclared.  I'm still testing every genre.  It's part of my journey as a writer to try every genre and to see what I want to do.  Looking for my genre is a fun process though. It's like entering an ice cream parlor and trying every flavor, except it's less fattening. 
   My little doodle doesn't show every fiction genre and sub genre, but it was my attempt to.  According to the dictionary a genre is a type or kind of literature, art, or popular fiction.  Well, every work of literature is unique.  Most of them don't fit into just one type and some make their own type it would seem.  So there needs to be a large variety of genre labels. 

What genres did I miss in my drawing? Do you write in one particular genre or not?


SprigBlossoms said...

I too haven't heard the term 'realistic fiction' before. But I have read a few fictions that are loosely based on reality. Maybe they will fall into this category?
I like your doodle. What about a spot for the poets and philosophers? I am like you undeclared for now : )

Carla said...

Your "doodle" is very fun! Most of my writing is for children, but I try different audiences like picture books and chapter books. I love the image of taste testing every flavor of ice-cream in a parlor! Mmmmm. I think something in my freezer is calling me now!


Madeleine said...

Oh I agree there are lots of genres and sub genres, the list seems endless. I did a mini post on it for the A-Z challenge:
I'm still finding my genre and love to write women's/realistic, fantasy, thriller, YA. I learnt what MG was while blogging too (Middle Grade) :O)

Cinnamon said...

Love your doodle! I wish I could create cartoony fun.

I wonder about the tags we put on our work and whether that limits us.

SingSinatra said...

Really like 'ur doodle!! & "realistic fiction" jaja i mean it sounds out of place but yeah thinking it twice i do get what is it about... I kinda write in all genres, sometimes i do real, some others fantasy, poems or just what my mood is set for.. i hink it's kinda more funthan to stick only with one.. what do you think?

M.C. said...

Thanks for all the compliments

Hmmmm, yeah maybe I can have a group of people in beatnik outfits and greek tunics having a picnic out in a open area to be poets and Philosophers :)

I think I hear something from my freezer too.

That's a good observation about limits.

It's fun doing multiple genres.