April Trivia

We are in the month of April as we all know.  If you don’t know, then I suggest consulting with your calendar more often.  Easter, Tax day, and April Fools' Day are well known holidays in April.  What you probably didn't know was that April is both National Poetry Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (try saying that ten times fast). Fancy that. National Poetry Month was first. The Academy of American Poets started it in 1996. Sexual Assault Awareness Month came along later on April 1,2010 in a presidential proclamation. April is claimed by many other obscure month long observations, but I only have so much time. 

The Gregorian calendar is the calendar the western world currently uses. It was named after Pope Gregory XIII, the man who introduced it. In this calendar April is the fourth month. The Latin word used for April in prior calendars was Aprilis. In Greek it is Aphro, short for the mythological goddess Aphrodite. In the Roman culture, this month was dedicated to Venus and Venus is the roman equivalent to Aphrodite. In short, April was the month of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

The birthstone for April is a diamond and the flower is a daisy or sweetpea.

April is a beautiful month.  So to all those in the northern hemisphere, may you have a nice spring. To those in the southern hemisphere, I hope you have a pleasant fall.

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Carla said...

Fun! I loved the stuff about calendars...I think it is fascinating!