It's a commonly asked question: does music help you concentrate?
I haven't been able to find any scientific studies, just study helpers. From what I've read, if you're doing mental work, music inhibits you from using your brain to it's full capacity, but it can keep you from getting distracted from outside noises. I agree, normally I wouldn't listen to music, but writing is another story (ha-ha lame joke). Sometimes when I just sit down to write I'm unsure where to begin. Music lets my mind wander so it gives me some leverage to start with. Then I get into "the zone" where everything but what I'm writing is blocked out by my mind.

For me, I can't just listen to any kind of music while writing. I need the appropriate music for what I'm writing. Like a movie, you can't have a happy, bubbly song while the main character sees their father murdered right before their eyes. I sometimes will pretend my story is a movie and make a playlist of music I would have in my movie and listen to it as I write.

Music might not be the best thing for work that requires a lot of thought but for something that needs less of the latter and more creative intuition it might be helpful.

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