Dear Reader,
     My name is Mandy Calvin and I'm an aspiring writer.  Though in spirit and practice I'm already a writer, but I aspire to be a better writer and to one day be published.  I created this blog for a lot of reasons: Keep me motivated as a writer, motivate other writers, to stretch my writing skills, to do a little graphic design, to share my writing, and to build something.
   Why did I name this blog the Quill?  A Quill is a writing utensil, a very elegant writing utensil.  Why not name a blog after an old fashioned writing utensil?  Well also, Quills are made from feathers and feathers come from birds.  Birds are symbols of freedom as they can fly wherever they please.  They are boundless, and so are dreams and imaginings.  Writers spend their whole days dreaming up stories and putting them into words.  That is the whole sum of why I named this blog Mandy Calvin's Quill.
   Generally I write three posts a month.  There may be more or less considering life circumstances (yes, I do have a life).   If I write less than three posts then I try very hard to make that one post or two posts really good.  I write poems, essays, and book reviews.  Sometimes I will draw a comic.  This blog is my experiment so who knows what else I can think of.  I hope you enjoy watching my development and I welcome your feedback and comments.
         Mandy C.


patcegan said...

Hi, nice to meet you, Mandy. Thanks for visiting me at Source of Inspiration. I look forward to reading your work. Hugs, pat

Isadora said...

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I look forward to returning and reading many of your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy, great blog. I love the thought process behind the quill. I look forward to your future posts. I'll be sure to keep checking back for more.

Anonymous said...

Hi mandy-- followed you here from the WD creative prompts. Great blot. I look forward to checking in. Julie (jincomt from prompts)